Daily Horoscope December 13th 2018

Show some get up and go, even if it does seem wasted on people who seem determined to throw a spanner in the works. Show everyone you’re the life and soul of party tonight.

Get an early start today and try to realise that fortune now favours the brave. The lunar high helps you shine and lifts your spirits considerably. Take a chance tonight.

You’ve got what it takes to recognise the value of self-reliance and to go your own way over certain issues. You may have to disagree with someone, so be diplomatic tonight.

You’re on top form today and your popularity is soaring. It’s quite a crackerjack of a time for you, so when it comes to dealing with finance accept advice of a specialist.

Your ability to handle several tasks at the same time is noted. This is Leo working at its best, so a happy time will be achieved. Life is a blur of activity.

You’re in two minds about certain issues connected to work today. Use your intuition to guide you. It hasn’t let you down before. Do things how you’ve always done them. Sorted.

Today has the potential to be more agreeable that before. Venus helps you promote good relations in your home and domestic life. You feel positive as you approach Christmas, so enjoy.

Take time to recharge your batteries as Christmas is fast approaching and you need to be ready. There's no time to slow things down so be prepared. You'll manage it fine.

It pays to keep a sense of change and variety working strongly in your life, better still, opt for a journey that offers scope for new intellectual experiences.

Personal strengths that have a great bearing on your life seem to be missing, but it’s really not the case. Your confidence in doing the right thing's there.

The go-getter in you is evident today. With your energy, original way of seeing things and charm you'll have little difficulty impressing important people at work.

It’s important to identify where there's scope for advancement, even if you can’t actually do anything about it today. Get your thinking cap on and plan ahead carefully.

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