Daily Horoscope December 14th 2018

Press on with major plans at full speed ahead mode and don’t let anyone or anything hold you back. The forthcoming week offers new possibilities over work and love.

A great day for making fresh starts and getting a grip on unfinished work. You’ve got what it takes to make things go with a swing and you'll impress others easily. Enjoy.

Time spent on your own today won’t be wasted. Taking a quieter more contemplative approach to things should be your aim, so see things in a different light tonight.

Look for the kind of information that puts you in the picture over work. Work hard towards your objectives but there's nothing wrong with having a quiet time.

You’ve got the scope to make this a fulfilling day, especially if you work at weekends. You may argue and disagree with friends, but it’s generally friendly banter. Be positive.

Be willing to make your own fun today and you'll do great. The effort you put in gives all around you a welcome diversion. Let the eccentric in you out and others will notice

You're concerned that you won’t get things done in time today. Don’t get caught up in petty details then. You’re putting in a lot of effort. Make sure it’s noticed.

Attempts to get on in life could lead to some disappointment due to the influence of the negative moon. Keep your expectations low and settle for a quiet time. Think positive.

Getting through to people today may not be as simple as you’d expected and you may have to explain yourself 3 or 4 times, but keep going. Patience is a virtue.

The weekend offers you everything you need to be the centre of attention. You may be up against competition so be aware you can’t expect to get your own way all the time.

You can now afford to put some of your recent ambitions on the back burner and go with the flow this weekend. Plan ahead for Christmas, but chill out with friends too.

You can derive the greatest joys in life with co-operation from others. Group activities are the name of the game tonight, not surprising as it's so near Christmas..

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