Daily Horoscope December 15th 2018

Being in the know professionally can do you a great deal of good today. Starting a new venture is no bad thing, but get advice from those who know the field.

You have the scope to turn matters your way, as long as you’re not afraid to take the odd chance with life. You'll run out of steam physically but your brain's working.

Before today is out you should be feeling the positive effects of the lunar high. Don’t allow yourself to be browbeaten by those who don’t know how your mind is working.

Today has potential to be profitable and successful where practical matters are concerned, so take advantage of these trends. There are heated discussions at home.

It’s tempting to think that meetings and business associations have got something going for them as they're massaging your ego, but that’s part of who you are. Be humble.

Career aims have less going for them than before, but you can replace them with new opportunities for enjoyment in your personal life. You'll attract compliments tonight.

Emotional rewards are there for the taking. In work discussions you need to have courage of your convictions, so finish off outstanding tasks. Tie up loose ends.

It’s not the best day for exercising sound judgement. It's vital you recognise the risk of being misled. Something you want to avoid at all costs. Be honest tonight.

The emotional side of your nature is on full view today and you'll show your very human side to the world at large. Try not to react too strongly to specific events.

Be willing to put love and romance at the top of your list. Young at heart Capricorns are encouraged to firm up present attachments or purse new ones. Go for it.

Ask yourself if you’re getting everything you want from your love life. If not, pep things up with a little effort on your part. Take things easy at the gym tonight.

Things you'll enjoy most today are out there in the big wide world. With plenty to play for and luck on your side you can afford to back your hunches. Contact old friends.

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