Daily Horoscope December 16th 2018

There's important personal changes about to occur so leave behind any recent lethargy. Be willing to commit to new schemes when you know they're positive for the long-term.

You’re well aware of which elements of your life need most attention today, even if others think they know better. Do what you can to support others having hard time.

There's potential for great success for you today as with positive planetary aspects and the lunar high, you’re on top form and ready for anything life throws at you. You’re confident too.

Life has a variety of things to offer you today but you may have to look harder than you thought to find them. Don’t overthink or worry about things. Dispel anxiety.

If you've managed to keep on top of work matters and perhaps even got them looking after themselves, you can afford to turn your attention to other things. Like love?

Financially speaking there's much to be said for pursuing minor improvements now and with Christmas looming, not a moment too soon. Spend carefully and look for bargains.

Don’t overestimate your capacity for work today or you may be left disappointed. Pace yourself and let others help. It's the only way.                               

There's an increased focus on your ego, especially if you’ve recently done something you’re proud of. Don’t let this go to your head as pride definitely goes before a fall.

If you feel out of sorts it’s maybe because the moon is in your opposite sign. At least you'll get the blues out of the way before Christmas kicks in. Be patient.

Try not to give way to too much romantic fantasising today as you need to focus on any practical matters that need sorted out. Christmas is coming. Are you ready?

Make the most of encounters with new people who come into your life and be prepared to be inspired. Listen well to their advice even if you follow your own path.

The spotlight is on your need for independence, as your working week gets under way. Being told what to do doesn’t appeal, but you won’t really have much choice.

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