Daily Horoscope December 17th 2018

It’s vital to go with the flow today. There are gains to be made in different directions, and if you have your social head on, you can afford to start the run up to Christmas now.

Compromises in relationships are a natural part of what you have to face today. If you refuse, problems will arise later. Avoid rows with family and friends.

Your aims, hopes and dreams are still on target and you’ve got what it takes to break down obstacles on the way to your objectives. Be with bright intelligent people tonight.

Taking yourself for granted maybe the line of least resistance today but how many admirers is that going to get you? You don’t have to be arrogant, just truthful.

Today puts you to the test at work, so you need to respond by showing that you’re aware of the opposition and that you can deal with it easily. You're on the ball and focused.

Personal and intimate matters have the potential to be most rewarding today. Even if you’re quite busy, there are good reasons to find time to show your lover how much you care.

If faced with slightly risky situations today don’t be afraid to trust your intuition. It’s not like you to take chances but calculated ones are acceptable, you feel.

A day for getting things together so be willing to show how creative you can be. Take a couple of hours out to do Christmas decorations or put up lights maybe?

There's a lot to be said for spending time behind closed doors today. Try to slow things down for now as there's a big push coming soon. Use your intuition.

Your spirits are strong and they'll help you come up with some excellent ideas. Instead of concentrating on the details of the day just enjoy it. Build ideas.

Simple conversation will be useful today, so gather inspiration from what you hear as you go from place to place. Find ideas that mature in fullness of  time.

Love matters make you pause for thought, however there's such an emphasis on social matters you wont have much time to think about it. Put effort into planning.

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