Daily Horoscope December 18th 2018

You need to face and address some professional setbacks today but all in all you'll still be progressive, hopeful and aspiring. Let fun take over from work later tonight.

It might be hard to keep your life under control today, but if you make sure the results are amusing rather than annoying you'll get by, frustrating as it is.

Your work success today is down to the matter of how well you get on with others. It’s natural to be a bit impatient with co-workers, but try hard to be patient.

Maintaining a high profile is the name of the game, now that the lunar high is here. You've got what it takes to be the centre of attention at work and play.

You enter a potentially harmonious period today, especially at home. Midweek is not the most exciting but offers contentment and security, and surely that’s better for you?

You get the feeling you’re speaking out of turn, and that’s all very well, but unless you say what you actually think, how will others know? Speak truth and shame the devil.

Trends encourage fruitful encounters with a number of different individuals today, some of whom are able to offer information which is both timely and useful.

Your fun loving side is in evidence so it’s an excellent day for personal relationships and for pursuing your objectives. Leave specific jobs on back burner for now.

You can afford to test your luck today and demonstrate that it won’t let you down. Avoid work routines if possible as there's Christmas festivities to indulge in tonight.

Don’t take anything for granted today. That’s the lesson you need to learn. Check and double check facts and avoid speculation. Go for gold over sporting activities.

When it comes to organising your home life, co-operation is the key, so show just how giving you can be. This is in stark contrast to your practical side

Look at everyone’s ideas, but if they don’t appeal, be ready to introduce your own schemes at short notice. You can bring others round to your way of thinking.

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