Daily Horoscope December 19th 2018

Think carefully about taking the lead from others today as it just doesn’t feel right. Find a way of letting them know without inadvertently causing offence.

Get ready to move ahead professionally. With one eye on Christmas and the other on what you want to achieve, there's not a lot of time to spare for you. Try and get some time for you.

It’s a good day for leisure and pleasure activities. Your energy levels are highlighted so sitting around thinking won’t be at top of your agenda. It's your busy phase.

A boost to relationships allows you to achieve much in the way of rewards. The area of life that serves you best is what you should focus on. Be diplomatic tonight.

The emphasis today is on pleasure, so find it where you can. Your commitment to the practical side of life takes a back seat for a few days, so I'd say please yourself.

The time is right to establish good relations with everyone, even people from the past who are not your favourites. You'll be taken more seriously if you do.

Your sense of urgency may be misplaced today. Recognise the progress you’re making in various aspects of life even if some are slower or not as positive as you wanted.

Ask yourself if you’re trying to do too many things at once? Is this becoming a habit? Try to display the most attractive aspects of your personality, your magnetism.

Group and co-operative ventures have very little to offer you today, especially if you’re determined to go it alone, so seek help from others if you’re floundering.

Energy and enthusiasm are hard to find but it'll help you a lot if you refuse to look at the dark side of things today. Keep things simple and your expectations low.

Today has the potential to be inspiring in almost every respect. Mercury encourages you to adopt a sociable, tolerant attitude and this alone makes you comfortable.

Today works best for you if you focus on practical aspects of life. You'll want to do your own thing and won’t take kindly to being bossed around. Strive for a compromise tonight.

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