Daily Horoscope December 1st 2018

Today is the 1st of the month and so it inspires you to find new mental stimulation. You can’t fulfil all your desires, but you’re on the right track so hang in there.

There’s nothing wrong with allowing those close to you to make decisions. The lunar low does nothing to help you move forward, but it's Sunday, so do you really want to?

You'll achieve your most rewarding moments through personal relationships today. You have a deeply romantic approach to life, but keep abreast of work matters.

Work matters are highlighted so plan ahead for the whole week and you'll achieve more than you thought. Even your social life takes an upward turn. Enjoy the best of both.

The start of the month raises emotional issues that need careful handling on your part. Don’t get worked up over things that can be sorted out easily. Breathe!

Today kicks off a potentially happy period that gives you the chance to be centre of attention. This situation would have embarrassed u in the past. Not now.

You'll benefit from getting out and about today as being in the same place holds no appeal, so be definite in your attitude regarding personal freedom and go for it.

Decision-making turns out to be easier than you'd anticipated. The lunar high encourages you to mix with people who can help you. Your luck is changing for the better.

You’re not making as much progress as you'd like today but it is supposed to be a day of rest after all, so calm down and chill out. Use your time to plan ahead

You may have been invited somewhere today, but your heart isn’t in it, so you may have to make an excuse not to go. Keep an open mind about new ideas you've got.

Work and professional matters offer you scope for fulfilment, so keep yourself occupied even if you’re not actually at work. Moderation's the key to all things today.

Opportunities for overall gain are available. Breaking down barriers and gaining personal freedom is great but watch your money. Don’t listen to gossip or rumour tonight.

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