Daily Horoscope December 2nd 2018

Things are going well and you’re looking at new incentives and alternate ways of doing things across the board of your life. Don’t be afraid to mix business with pleasure.

Maybe instead of always giving support you should ask for it today. It’s well overdue. Although practical matters are on the back burner love is certainly not.

Emotional relationships thrive on your natural tendency to show compassion. Routines can be rather laborious today if you have to do the same job more than once.

It’s a favourable start to the month where work is concerned and there’s no reason why you can't move plans and schemes forward. Avoid awkward types who burst your bubble.

Put your energy into getting results. You’ll get a lot done today but it'll cut down your socialising time. You okay with that? Exchanging ideas gives you new perspective.

There's a restless interlude on the way for you so be prepared to do something different to keep yourself interested. Be attentive to any available opportunities.

Are you taking an easy come easy go attitude over money? Be honest! With Christmas just around the corner your there's a risk you’re spending more than you intended.

Today has the potential for being the day plans spring into action so don’t sit on your laurels. Snap to it. Deal with money matters quickly and avoid spats at home.

It’s a quiet start to your week but one that will build momentum as it moves along. Make sure you have some fun in the quieter times. It'll keep you sane.

There's nothing wrong with moving swiftly ahead with plans and duties and responsibilities, as there are things that need doing that can only be done by you.

Your focus shifts to your social arena. Grab invitations with both hands. Support from friends helps you to get the best out of given situations. Don’t be negative.

It’s a great day from a professional point of view with the scope to make allies at every stage. Your reliance on one specific individual leads to problems tonight.

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