Daily Horoscope December 3rd 2018

If professional matters go astray today they'll catch you unawares and will leave you floundering. Turn on your Aries charm and pull yourself out of a hole. Stay focused.

The cosmos is encouraging you to express yourself fully today, but there's a danger you'll be so busy talking over issues you'll overlook important details. Careful.

Don’t be tempted to take too many chances with life today. The new moon heralds a quiet phase so your best approach would be to watch and wait. Let others take strain.

There's a busy time ahead and because you like to feel useful, this shouldn’t be at all hard for you. Today gives you the chance to slow things down and enjoy your home life.

When it comes to living your life, it’s time to seek out the people who can help you. Some you may not know yet but use your warm nature to attract their attention.

Avoid needless arguments today. Even if friends seem to be in a nippy mood that’s not to say you have to be too. Look to your most exciting friend for original ideas.

Teamwork matters count for a great deal today, which is why you should be willing to co-operate, even if you haven’t seen eye-to-eye with some people in the past.

Patience isn’t your strong point today but do try, especially over emotional attachments, even if they're frustrating. Try to get a sense of proportion tonight.

The moon in your sign brings an end to the tricky period you’ve endured last few weeks. You’re now brighter and more optimistic about the future, just as it should be.

You can make this an enjoyable day from a social point of view even if you can’t get everything you want materially. The most important rewards cost nothing.

Stand by for a potentially busy period that offers opportunities for rewards from a financial point of view. Put in the hard work to get ahead and you will.

Contact with superiors at work helps you reach a better understanding and could prove advantageous personally in the fullness of time. Finish outstanding tasks.

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