Daily Horoscope December 4th 2018

It’s an ideal day to broaden your horizons, but be careful how much you take on board, as Christmas is just around the corner and you don’t want to run out of energy.

Now that your mindset is off with the old and on with the new you'll race ahead unhindered and will make great progress. Being flexible is your best asset. Use wisely.

Be ready to deal with delays and setbacks even if some can’t be avoided no matter how hard you try. Accept what life offers with a smile and wait for better chances.

A great day for social get-togethers and meeting up with people you find fascinating. Creative urges come to the fore so channel them around the house for the best effect.

You'll benefit from the advice of someone in the know at work, so don’t be too proud to listen to what they have to say. Plan ahead and there are opportunities to travel.

There are more rewards to be found in your personal life than anything on the professional front. Look to the people you love to fill you with delight and surprises tonight.

When it comes to intelligence and wit few can better you today and it helps boost your popularity. With Christmas just around the corner it’s a good trend to use at work.

Expect minor disappointments in your love life today, but rather than allow them to dominate your thinking, try to keep a cool head and strong reasoning ability.

You're feeling quite positive about yourself today and it’s sitting well with you. You'll become more dominant as the month progresses, but in a constructive way.

Friendly co-operation is the order of the day. Join forces with colleagues and you'll gain more than by going it alone. Make some changes round the home tonight.

Your mind seems to be anywhere except on the job at hand today. Concentration is in short supply and you'll delegate tasks to others. Wise to think before you speak tonight.

Life won't organise itself, especially at work, so pitch in early if there's specific issues to sort out. Let others see your good humour and understanding.

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