Daily Horoscope December 5th 2018

It’s a fairly uplifting day for you where Mercury will make sure the channels of communication are kept open, and will help you move forward in work and play. Keep talking.

Socially speaking you’re heading into a short lull. You may find it hard to deal with people but patience is the name of the game. Spend quality time on your own.

Although you make slightly better progress today, it’s still sensible to take your time over tasks. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and be willing to seek advice.

The lunar low encourages a quieter approach, and if truth be known, you're so tired you'll welcome this with open arms. You need time to recharge your batteries.

You'll make more of your social life if you’re willing to engage with the world directly. Don’t shy away from any sort of encounters and you'll get the best from people.

Seek out new and interesting contacts and this planetary influence will come at just the right time as far as you're concerned. Specific tasks to do? Do them first.

A potentially hectic period begins in your personal life around now. Christmas is fast approaching and you’re starting to get in the mood. Start making plans. You'll be busy.

Once again not an easy day to achieve a sense of fulfilment in emotional matters. There's love there, but the human aspect of a situation is complicated.

Your focus is on finance today so try to look and plan ahead and do so as wisely as you can. Been burning the candle at both ends? Time for a break. Time to reflect.

Today has potential to be successful from a personal point of view. Seek out company of interesting witty people and you'll get ahead in ways you don’t expect.

Even if you can’t get everything you wish for today it shouldn’t stop you trying. Your powers of communication are emphasised and asking for what you want won’t be hard.

There's a boost to career matters. The sun in your solar 10th house helps you look ahead of yourself with the determination to make the most of opportunities.

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