Daily Horoscope December 6th 2018

Pleasure pursuits and romantic issues have a part to play in your life, but if practical issues are coming to a head, it pays to do what you can to achieve success.

Withdrawing into your own little cocoon seems very appealing, and since it’s not long to Christmas, conserving your energy seems like a good idea. Be close to family.

Today’s emphasis is clearly focused on leisure and pleasure and certainly offers enjoyment. You may feel you’re not making much progress, but under it all, you really are.

Be prepared to deal with some minor setbacks this week. The lunar low makes this likely, but its influence won’t be as bad for you as it is for other signs. Yay!

The sun in your solar fifth house emphasises your sparkling personality and brings new enterprises in your life as a whole. Money is improving so plan socialising for the weekend.

You can’t expect to get your own way all the time today. It simply won’t work out. Be as flexible as you can and this will give u the chance to capitalise on new ideas.

Keep your eyes and ears open for significant new input today and don’t turn down the chance to do something different. Getting to the heart of a matter is priority tonight.

It’s an ideal day for capitalising on new opportunities, no matter where you find them. You can’t expect every offer to lead to great things but give it a fair shot.

The potential for financial improvement is there and that’s a positive thing so close to Christmas. Look carefully at your finances and rationalise your spending. Sensible.

Your strength lies in your ability to overcome obstacles to your progress in life. Remain responsible to change and follow situations through to logical conclusions.

A break from routine could work wonders today. The 12th house moon encourages a dreamier interlude and there's much to be said for slow and steady wins the race tonight.

Once again you’re encouraged to look to the future. This long-term view is quite typical of your sign as a rule bit it’s not figured strongly of late. Make Christmas plans.

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