Daily Horoscope December 7th 2018

An excellent day for clearing up outstanding business matters and deciding what u want from your professional life in the coming weeks. Join in Christmas planning.

Things change today and from here on in you'll be socially impressive. Be prepared to try out your new skills on others. Choose wisely and it'll be really easy tonight.

It’s important to think things through carefully just now. If your thinking of embarking on anything new, let your intuition be your guide. It won’t let you down.

A change of scenery can make all the difference today. Being in demand leaves you with little time to yourself, but know you’re carrying responsibilities admirably.

It’s a good idea to keep certain plans on ice, even if it’s only for today. You can achieve what you want but you need to plan ahead. Finances need careful handling now.

It’s an excellent day for getting something new up and running. Lady luck is on your side and will help you with your efforts. Sort out money matters tonight by being creative.

Personal and intimate matters give you the chance to show your best side today. Focus on the family instead of distant friends. Break down work into easy pieces tonight.

Practical in life isn’t quite as easy to address as it was yesterday. This shows up more in routines you can’t escape from. Treat them with respect but find fun.

Add some positive thinking to your weekend and you'll make it go with a swing. Think about what you’re doing for Christmas, as it’s not that far away. Plan ahead. Best policy.

Don’t be afraid to allow your imagination to run free today, as it’s important to have plenty of variety in your life and ensure you make the most of it. Be practical.

The lunar high helps you to be fighting fit and keen to make the best impression. The fly in the ointment is that you find it hard to get the help you need from others.

Friendship and group related matters have a great deal to offer this weekend. Get your thinking cap on over plans for Christmas and take time to arrange some fun things today.

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