Daily Horoscope December 8th 2018

There's influences around that'll help you perk up your social and personal life no end, even though you were applying the brakes at the start of the day. Work and play hard.

Personal, intimate relationships are heading into a time of uncertainty. You’re maybe not in the right frame of mind to elicit the right sort of responses tonight.

It’s important that you feel a generous level of support from those closest to you today, so turn away from strangers and listen to those who are always there for you.

There are favourable influences in the air for you that allow you to go full steam ahead work wise. Find time to offer some timely advice to others. You’re so supportive.

Leo settling for a quiet Sunday is no bad thing and because the lunar low is still around, it’s a good time to be alone with your thoughts. Don’t travel too far today.

Avoid any spendthrift tendencies today no matter how much you want to push the boat out. Something may seem like a bargain, but it'll be less so after Christmas.

Professional demands are irritating today! Do others not realise it’s Sunday? Gather your Libra patience around you. You'll need it. Use your sense of humour to get by.

Slowly but surely opportunities start to heat up. Dispel frustrations from earlier in the week and push ahead to your objectives. Support those who've supported you.

It’s time for progress on a personal level. Yes there have been some ups and downs of late but the sun in your first house is shining brightly and strongly. Enjoy.

Capricorn all things domestic capture your imagination but also demand your time. You have confidence when you need it the most, so work out what else you should be doing.

Despite positive influences on offer you still need to make sure of important details if your plans are to succeed, so check and double-check. Work to achieve objectives.

If you can keep wheels of progress turning smoothly, you'll be in the position to make this an interesting eventful Sunday. Going Christmas shopping? Watch crowds.

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