Daily Horoscope December 9th 2018

It’s a day of swings and roundabouts where work is concerned but don’t allow this to have a negative bearing on your day. Work to look and feel good about yourself tonight.

By all means capitalise on recent advances at work, but be ready to strike while the iron is hot, before Christmas would be ideal. Responsibilities at home fall on you.

Your social relationships not going so well?  Maybe it's time to take a back seat for a few days and re-group. You need to focus more on work, getting it and keeping it.

You have everything you need to make good progress at work, and that'll leave you some spare time to think. Avoid knee jerk reactions. Think things through thoroughly.

Your ability to get ahead at work may meet some minor setbacks. Don’t worry. Just set your sights on personal or social matters instead. You can't have everything.

Deliberately keeping a low profile is good for you today. There's nothing wrong with letting others make the running, while you think about what you want for the future.

Something you find out in a group situation will be very helpful to you. Listen to everything but don’t join in unless you’re very sure of your ground. Take a break tonight.

When it comes to work and money it’s a day to capitalise and benefit. Even if it’s hard to bring any real excitement into your life, there’s much to be said for planning.

The emphasis on material and professional plans now gets a boost. Make an early start to get on top of things quickly. Move forward into areas that fascinate you.

Your curious nature leads you to wondering how the world works. Bear in mind you'll come across a lot of trivia too, so try to differentiate. Find a balance.

Relationships and friendships are something of a struggle today. In games of chance, keep your wits about you and it'll help you make great gains. Just don’t gloat though.

The lunar high brings a heightened sense of enthusiasm and gives you the chance to have fun. Go after what you want at work and don’t let anyone's negativity slow you down.

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