Daily Horoscope November 10th 2018

Ask yourself if you’re becoming possessed with one particular thing, as this is especially relevant if it’s over emotional ties. Objectivity is hard to find but try.

Your social life's a bit testy and there's much to be said for questioning what relationships are offering you. Don’t judge yourself too harshly. Others are wrong.

Your partnerships and social life are the most rewarding areas today. Romance is high on your list and offers some interesting moments. You’re still juggling finances, though.

Communication issues are accented making it a great time to instruct those around you and make the most of important messages coming back at you. Enjoy romance tonight.

Beware of potential setbacks. The lunar low won’t sap your resolve, but it won’t help you move ahead either. You may even be held back by circumstances beyond your control.

You should be making good progress personally by now, but if that’s not the case you need to ask yourself if you need to put in more effort. Focus on health issues.

This quiet day allows you to mull over events from the past, but don’t get too lost is retrospective thinking. Focus on your commitment to family members. Vital.

Ongoing matters come to a head so close deals very carefully. There’s nothing wrong with your mental faculties but think carefully before you take specific steps.

Settle for a low-key day where you don’t need to push your luck. It wont be long before you’re pushing forward again, but for now, there's nothing wrong with taking break.

Clever communications are order of the day and it’s up to you to supply it. The planets highlight your silver tongue at the time you need it most so move with times.

Planetary benefits come from different directions today, so now is the time to follow your hunches and establish contact with someone you think of as special.

Furthering your personal objectives is on your agenda today. You feel you'd benefit from a rest and today gives you the ideal opportunity, even though it may not last for long.

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