Daily Horoscope November 11th 2018

Tune into what others are really saying about a financial matter by using your sixth sense to work out what they really mean. It seems like lip service to me.

A great day for getting on with work commitments. If you need help from others don’t be afraid to ask for it. Don’t see this as a sign of weakness. You’re being noticed.

Don’t be surprised if others express strong views today. If this will inevitably lead to arguments it may be best to take a step back. Avoid confrontation.

There's a lot to be said for letting your mind wander back to times gone by. Gains will be made by realising where you went wrong before, so do things differently now.

Your energy is back with a bang so you can afford to make plans for what has the potential to be a busy rest of the month. Home and hearth appeals to you tonight so stay in.

A boost to your love life is there for the taking so concentrate on your relationship and spend more quality time with partners. Work to find those special moments.

Minor hitches and hold ups prove to you that being strictly practical is not your best state of play. Try to get along with others by mixing different potentials tonight.

Input into areas of your life you’ve avoided of late seems to be on offer today. Keeping busy is the name of the game so you'll have little time for fun. Ask for help.

Social occasions help you lighten your life so pull out all the stops in the friendship stakes. Feather your nest financially with rewards from the past.

You’ve cleared away a lot of old debris so you can now move ahead swiftly. You need to convince yourself you’re more capable than you’re telling others you are. Focus.

You’re throwing your energy into getting what you want from life but bear in mind it looks ruthless to others even if it’s not. You won’t take kindly to being diverted.

It’s a great time to get down to business as Mars is in a strong position and offers incentive and know how. Make it clear you’re no pushover and you'll get the respect you deserve.

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