Daily Horoscope November 12th 2018

The lighter side of life is what’s on offer for you today so don’t be afraid to contribute to the hilarity all around you. Money matters get straightened out tonight.

Your powers of persuasion are working overtime today so if there’s anything you really want now’s the time to go get it. Start planning your social life for the weekend.

What you learn from the people around you has tremendous importance today. Your creative potential is emphasised and lets you break out of old ways of thinking.

Don’t take anything or anyone for granted today. It would be wiser to check matters yourself so don’t rely on others. You’re making great progress on new projects. Fab.

Present influences are nothing more than a short layoff between more positive trends, so take time out to think about things. Catch up with chat from friends tonight.

Although the lunar low is here, the sun’s position helps you avoid sinking deep within yourself. Your talkative side is highlighted, as is your tendency to fuss. Stop it.

The go-getting side of your nature is back on top today, but despite this your sensitivity is also enhanced, especially when it comes to children and older people.

Minor opportunities to strengthen your finances are available today but continue to keep an eye on spending. Try to understand you have to speculate to accumulate.

Pleasure seeking and self-indulgence seem to be the order of the day, and that’s fine, but make time for introspection. You'll do your best to avoid tedious jobs tonight.

Stay watchful in all encounters today and don’t take anything for granted.  Keep your wits about you in work and career matters as someone's trying to get the better of you.

There’s no reason for you to go it alone today. Your progress depends on finding people to give a helping hand admittedly so eyes and ears open. Don’t be too proud to ask.

The lunar high brings renewed enthusiasm for projects that have taken a back seat of late. Now you have the chance to turn some of your ideas into hard facts.

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