Daily Horoscope November 14th 2018

The lunar high brings you a physical and mental peak so now is the time to show others what you’re made of. Use your competitive edge to push yourself forward and you'll win.

Be willing to put the pursuit of wealth on your list of priorities. You’re not the most acquisitive sign but you still like nice things. It’s more about security for you.

Social co-operation is absolutely essential today and as you improve quality of friendships you'll help yourself professionally, too. Mix business with pleasure tonight.

Don’t get so wrapped up in your own opinions today that you fail to notice what loved ones are trying to say to you, especially over home and hearth issues. Listen!

If you still have uncertainty in your personal life it may be wise to now turn to the professionals for help. Persuade others to go with you if it’s a joint issue.

There’s much to be said for seeking your rewards at home, but if you’re feeling hemmed in and want to ring the changes else where, now is your time to take action. Go for it.

Put specific areas of your life on hold for next few days. There’s nothing wrong with thinking big but the chance of moving forward could be slimmer than you think.

The recent planetary thrust encourages you to fill your desire for luxury and you quite like that. Just be careful you’re not accused of hedonism. Mix freely with people.

Emotions where the home zone is concerned are close to the surface making you touchy and sensitive. Put responsibilities on the back burner for now and enjoy life.

Make the most of a strong social boost today together with new incentives that have the potential to be exciting. Don’t hold back if you’re having a good time.

Compromises made in social settings could prove to be especially important at this time. Express your feelings and prove your sincerity to others. It'll help.

Personal relationships are given a welcome boost due to the position of Venus and, although the lunar high is gone, spending too much time alone isn’t recommended.

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