Daily Horoscope November 15th 2018

Your luck is still in and you’re putting it to the test. However, hold back if you’re putting yourself in the position of being someone’s icon, albeit you make an impression

Try to get a break today. The lunar high arrives tomorrow so you'll be firing on all cylinders then. Adopt the line of least resistance in your approach to matters.

Today’s emphasis is on family matters and the way you view them.  Been too busy to spend time with loved ones of late? Redress the balance before the weekend is over.

It’s a high-spirited time where you get the chance to display your charm, personality and winning ways. Don’t disguise your enthusiasm. Make the most of it.

The focus remains on your home life and the rewards you can find there, but don’t ignore practical aspects. Find a balance even if you have to burn the candle at both ends.

Friendships and group encounters have a lot going for them today, as they provide an ego platform, which is great for you, as you’ve not been feeling yourself lately. Enjoy.

There’s a new period of domestic reward on offer and Venus helps you by encouraging you to get on better with family and friends. Time to address recent tensions at home.

Today’s spotlight is on your efforts to stabilise your cash, but this may encourage you to spend more freely. Planning ahead works well especially if you’re travelling.

Get out and about and see what’s happening past your own front door. Hand out compliments and you'll get great ones back in return, and that should bolster your fractured ego.

You'd be wise to double-check schemes you’ve been hatching recently in case they contain glitches. It would be a shame to come this far then have to abandon.

A careful approach works well with loved ones, so its probably best not to display your off the wall sense of humour. Be patient and explain things. It matters.

Watch your back professionally today, as there are people around who don’t have your best interests at heart. Don’t let it sap your confidence. Pace yourself tonight.

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