Daily Horoscope November 16th 2018

Family issues are under the spotlight today and need your attention. Your confidence is high personally, but is less obvious in practical matters. Watch money tonight.

The moon moves gradually into your sign today encouraging you to do as much as you can in as little time possible. Tackle things one at a time to do it well. It works!

Love life encounters have a fulfilling quality about them, and help you to bring romantic issues to the fore to be enjoyed. A great day for a pleasure trip not business.

There's a strong emphasis on leisure and pleasure today, but it is the weekend after all. Do what pleases you and take others along for the ride. They'll have a blast.

There’s nostalgia in the air this weekend and you'll look backwards as much as forward. There are lessons to be learned as you reflect. Don’t make same mistakes again.

Friends turn out to be really helpful in unexpected ways. Don’t be too proud to ask them for assistance even if your instincts tell you you'll do better on your own.

Social discussions and meetings now bring enlightenment, so seek out the company of those who can help you up next rung of ladder. Try not to be so sensitive.

You feel you’re running out of steam today, but because it’s Saturday you may be able to take it easy and have a rest. Try to catch up with friends tonight. Go out and socialise.

Handle professional objectives with kid gloves and bear in mind that defeat may be a slim possibility, however unwelcome. Think before you speak and act today.

Existing attachments could be the least inspiring aspect of your life. Your best approach is to keep your connections to others light, and free from aggravation.

Although you’re rather impatient with material obligations today, you'll need to get them out of the way before you can move forward. It’s what people expect that annoys you.

A breath of fresh air works wonders. Putting in lots of hard work is great but you need to work out if you’re getting enough relaxation. Escape responsibilities.

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