Daily Horoscope November 17th 2018

Give yourself an ego boost by putting yourself at the forefront of situations and refusing to be at the back of the queue. Stay calm even if you’re under pressure tonight.

You’re still in a go-ahead phase with moon still in your sign.  The lunar high didn’t offer you much professionally, but it has a bearing on your home and social life.

You’ve got what it takes to take the leading role. It’s not unusual but the situation is now emphasised to a greater extent than usual. Make sure everyone’s happy.

No matter what happens at home today you need to be prepared for an element of edginess. Counter this by persuading others to speak out. Keep boredom at bay.

Don’t over estimate your own capabilities today. You’re feeling generally confident and willing to push yourself hard, but not everything is within your grasp, so be patient.

There’s a positive emphasis on material considerations and there are gains to be made if you capitalise on this today. You take great delight in enjoying new possessions tonight.

The further you’re able to go today the better you should feel. This is true of actual journeys but also of pushing beyond your limits mentally too. Don’t hold back.

Stick to the tried and tested today and bear in mind that so called bargains are nothing of the sort. Don’t be afraid to rely on your intuition. It’s working well.

Communication matters up in the air of late? You'll sort them out today. Don’t chance your luck but work towards regaining your full voice. Have confidence.

It’s an ideal day to tackle pressing emotional issues, but you need to make sure you don’t get things out of proportion. If you’re honest, you do that sometimes.

You can afford to be yourself and make room in your life for a few small personal indulgences. Taking an active approach is the order of the day so please yourself.

Your thirst for information and new ideas knows no bounds. Creative potential remains emphasised and romance plays a part today too. Let your personality shine brightly.

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