Daily Horoscope November 18th 2018

Social and romantic issues prove satisfying today and help make it an interesting fulfilling week. Just don’t react hastily to matters that aren’t really important.

Steer clear of disagreements by avoiding interacting too much with people or you'll find yourself in pointless rows. Looking for love? You'll have more success tonight.

Your sharp mind makes today turn out to be amazing for you. Mix socially with all kinds of people, but remember you can’t bring everyone round to your way of thinking.

It’s a great day to think about new ideas for the future and to get your head around projects that need your personal touch. Respond to the needs of others tonight.

Your best moments today are spent with close friends or work mates you know you can trust. Dispel suspicions that were around last week and be more trusting with others.

You feel you’re going through a sluggish interlude professionally so just do what you have to do for now until you know where you stand. Your domestic life is much smoother.

Professional matters are a real labour of love today, which is your only consolation if there’s not much money being offered. Be patient. Money is coming for you soon.

You'd be wise to sidestep boring routines today and would definitely benefit from a change of scene. Keeping confidences on behalf of others is essential tonight.

Do you know how many people hold you in high esteem? Lots!! You’re even liked by those you thought didn’t like you at all. Don’t be slow to ask for what you want now.

Showing your ego to the world is all very well, but are you not afraid you'll make enemies? Balance home life with practicalities and get in touch with friends.

Today’s emphasis is on life’s more playful aspects, so taking anything too seriously is not recommended. Use your off the wall humour to boost your popularity.

You may wake feeling exhausted today, but remember a change is as good as a rest so try to do different things to perk yourself up. Escape everyday routines.

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