Daily Horoscope November 19th 2018

Not everything on your agenda can be dealt with as quickly or efficiently as you'd like today, so applying patience would be no bad thing. Ask others for help.

The sun in your seventh house favours all kinds of twosomes. It may be a case of love at first sight or a business relationship but you'll find happiness there.

The lunar high brings luck your way so it’s worth taking the odd chance today. Success will come in one way or another and dealings with others go brilliantly.

With the moon is in Gemini in your 12th house, keeping a low profile is your best option. Don’t avoid people, but hang back and do things in your own timescale.

A great day to dive head first into the thick of things socially, but leave behind any negative associations as you do. Be first to offer congratulations to a friend.

With sun still in your solar 3rd house the spotlight is on how you make use of all types of information, no matter where it comes from. Work to get what you want.

Don’t listen to gossip and tall tales from others and don’t even think about spreading the gossip yourself. If you need to know something, get it from the horse’s mouth.

By all means show your personality but bear in mind this can involve some displays of ego and others may not like. Stay on an even keel to attract admirers tonight.

You'd be wise to keep a low profile today. The lunar low does you no favours and you'll find it hard to get assistance from others. Give and take are important factors

Your professional ambition's highlighted and encourages you to think about work even if you’re not there today. Minor confusion in family turns into a funny situation.

The fewer mistakes you make today the better you feel about life as a whole. It’s not easy to concentrate but your dogged determination to succeed sees you through.

There are gains to be made professionally in the light of new information available to you. Start planning for special occasions, as they're closer than you think.

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