Daily Horoscope November 1st 2018

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Play life steadily and don’t attempt any major business coup. Once you’ve decided on a course of action wait for a day or two before you embark upon it and put it into action.

Your social life is a bit of a let down, but maybe it's because you’re not dealing with specific people in the right way. Don’t be held back. Ignore pessimism.

A day where you'll bring important issues to fruition and will get on with all manner of people professionally. Show the world your mind is clear and your ideas sound.

Be open to new input from friends and colleagues as trying to do everything on your own may not work out today, but if you get help you could move mountains. Worth it.

Seek out some pleasurable distractions away from the practical day-to-day issues and have fun when you get the chance. Your creative potential is emphasised at home.

You’ve got what it takes to make everyday life pleasant and rewarding and it’s personal relationships that offer the best possibilities today. Time to speculate at work.

Get ready to take advantage of a lucky period when a sudden surge of energy from Mercury in your life helps you talk with confidence and walk with certainty. Brill.

Take time to reconsider the benefits of group situations, as you haven’t had time the whole week. The forthcoming weekend gives you the chance to share with others.

It’s all about teamwork and your efforts to get on with the world at large, but you’re good at that so don’t worry. Just don’t tread on anyone’s feelings. Careful.

It’s an ideal day to catch up with friends from the past. There's a sense of nostalgia that’s difficult to define, but view it positively and it could be of use.

You'd be wise to sidestep speculation of any kind today. Work on creating a positive atmosphere for all around you. Do you feel friends have changed? Is it you?

Close emotional involvement offers more satisfaction than ever. You don’t have to stay in tonight, but if you go out, show loved ones how much they mean to you before you go.

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