Daily Horoscope November 20th 2018

Rather than taking any big risks today your best approach is to settle for a peaceful life. Let others take the strain. Making time for refection is no bad thing.

There’s not much ambition in the air today but it’s just a temporary glitch and should end fast. There’s nothing wrong with watching life go by, so take a break.

The progressive phase continues and encourages you to make necessary changes to make life run better and faster. You make a great impression socially but watch your money!

Ingenuity is your middle name today, so bear in mind financial progress doesn’t rely on you having access to a great deal of cash. Make a silk purse from sow’s ear.

You have a more competitive edge than usual today, especially over discussions. Be confident about tackling work obstacles. Believe you can make a change at work and home.

After such a busy period it’s natural to feel spent, so have a restful day or two. It'll work wonders for your energy levels. Time to allow others to take the strain.

Look after your personal and emotional security today by being charming, affable, and avoid mistruths. The right attitude is vital for making an impression you know.

You have a strong ability to direct your life in material matters, but less confident when it comes to emotional concerns. Be clear about your approach to things.

This is not the best day to make your impact on the world. Instead of trying to do everything yourself ask others to bear part of the strain. Lie low for tonight.

Opt for some light relief if possible today, as there's little to be gained by taking yourself too seriously. Find ways to reap the benefits of the past.

Listening to gossip is all very well, but a little care is no bad thing. Bear in mind some of these facts are misleading or downright wrong. Think on..

Getting your own way in personal relationships is easy today. All you have to do is turn on the charm and wait to see the results. Keep life running smoothly tonight.

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