Daily Horoscope November 21st 2018

Influences in the air assist you to keep in touch with people you don’t see very often. Let your mind travel backwards as well as forward professionally and stay on ball.

You’re feeling the pressure on a practical level but it won't prevent you from making progress. Others may buckle under the stress of situations but not you!

Don’t allow yourself to be waylaid by domestic matters today. You have enough to do in the practical sense and have little time for niceties. Just don’t give offence.

There are definite gains to be made from a hands-on approach to life. Getting stuck in helps you to be noticed and that leads to better prospects further down line.

The popular, attractive side of your nature is emphasised, not that it’s anything new for you, but you can use it to your advantage if you’re trying to get attention from someone.

The planetary focus moves away from intimate concerns today and towards material and practical considerations. It would be great to have a day off. Can you afford to?

Keep your eye on the ball over practical matters. Concentration is all-important. Let family members know they're not taking responsibilities seriously today.

The sun in your solar second house acts as a new influence and one that gives you the chance to slowly build up securities over finance and other major zones. Consolidate.

Teamwork matters are highlighted and you can show your best side today by being your charming self and willing to co-operate. Rules and regulations at work annoy you, however.

You need to stop thinking life is turning against you in some way. It’s not the case. It’s just the lunar low making you feel out of sorts. Concentrate and meditate.

Make the most of new opportunities to start something fresh, new and interesting. The more entertainment you find the more headway you'll make. Understand motives.

Variety may be the spice of life but you need to remember you’re responsible for keeping things on the move at the moment. An exchange of ideas is illuminating for you.

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