Daily Horoscope November 22nd 2018

It’s a potentially demanding day even if it does start in a low-key fashion. You may need to move your focus from one area to another so don’t expect any rest.

The sun enters your 8th house and brings a transitional period where you’re faced with a number of different options. You’ve nothing to lose if you follow your instincts.

Please yourself today no matter what anyone else thinks of the situation. It’s not like you to be stubborn or bloody-minded but it does happen now and again. Tonight?

Make the most of what lady luck brings you today. You may not achieve your heart’s desire but you'll come pretty close. Listen to compliments people are paying you.

You have no problems stroking your ego today. You’ve got what it takes to make sure your popularity is intact and you'll attract compliments from others. Speak the truth tonight.

Put yourself in the picture regarding ongoing work issues that are never far from your mind. Know what’s going on in your innermost sphere. Listen carefully tonight.

Use your home situation to help you redress the balance at work, especially if you’re extremely active. Use your spare time to rest and don’t take anything else on for now.

You’re not lacking in energy today nor are you lacking in sizing up situations so act immediately. Use your strength and ability to tune into others and find solutions.

Make the most of a potentially industrious period even if it does leave you little time for enjoyment. Be sure you’re on full alert for new opportunities tonight.

It’s a potentially sluggish day so it may be hard to get what you want from situations, and the lunar low’s not helping. Try to push against the odds if you can.

The sun enters your solar eleventh house today and encourages you to be more of a team player. It pays to listen to what others are saying and to appreciate their logic.

Be ready to deal with problems as they arise today especially in relation to your over emotional tendencies. Use common sense to influence your judgement. Focus.

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