Daily Horoscope November 23rd 2018

Keep busy and don’t be tempted to slack off today. Bear in mind people are watching you and the more effort you put in the more attention you'll get…in a good way

Compromise is your middle name today or it should be! You'll get more with honey than vinegar, remember. You’re in a nostalgic mood tonight but you'll soon be flying high.

Practical matters get a boost today thanks to the position of the sun. A matter of fact approach works well, so put your charm to one side and get on with it.

Your personal ego is stimulated by events today, making you everyone’s choice for person of the week. Leave practical matters on back burner and enjoy limelight.

The lunar high brings a definite sense of drive and enthusiasm, and you won’t find it hard to ring the changes. There’s much to be said for getting out into the wider world.

A thoughtful attitude to specific matters is called for early today, but an active approach can make all the difference. Get out of the house and clear your head.

A combination of leisure and romance appeals to you today, but don’t abandon work for lust. If you don’t want to be bored, make alterations to your routine. Stop worrying.

You’re the most dynamic and potentially lucky star sign of all today, due mainly to the position of the sun in your chart. Actions you took earlier this year mature too.

It pays to remain in a forward-looking frame of mind. You’re anxious to get ahead and willing to take a few chances if necessary. It’s a romantic high spot for you tonight.

Capitalise on a time where you can elicit some useful help and support from the people you meet. Don’t let thinking you can do it on your own get in the way.

The lunar low brings a planetary lull this morning and what bearing it has on your life depends on your attitude. Are you a half full or half empty person? Time will tell.

Make contact with new and interesting people to get your grey matter moving again, and you'll attain a great deal out of these new encounters. It'll help plans for the future.

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