Daily Horoscope November 24th 2018

Getting out and about will ensure you keep the smile on your face today. Too many practical issues are boring, so remember that variety is the spice of life. Focus.

Today’s events make you feel more secure (never a bad thing for a Taurus). You conform to expectations on the surface, but it’s a different story underneath.

You have scope to give a peak performance. Underlying long-term trends now prevail and Gemini shows its true colours. It pays to listen to what others are saying.

You'll get things moving quickly and smoothly at work today. If you’re not that committed you may not gain ground though. Your greatest happiness is with family and friends.

Your best day of the month for telling it as it is. Your charm and disarming honesty help you get away with just about anything. Good luck on your side gives you more scope.

Patience is hard to find in relation to emotional matters today especially if you think others are being irrational. Indulge your fascination for unusual ideas.

The sun has moved from the 2nd to the 3rd house in your chart so it’s a great time to be ambitious. The weekend allows you to focus on many issues and it pays to think not act.

If you’re looking for relaxation trends indicate it'll be found with home and family. Things are now more settled, but give yourself time to reflect on recent events.

Your hopes and dreams are given a boost today and your sensitivity is stronger than ever. Not all of your wishes will come true but extra effort makes a difference.

Getting to grips with facts and figures doesn’t appeal today but it may still be necessary, so suck it up and focus. Do it with as good grace as you can muster.

It's unlikely that you'll be pushing over any buses today as the lunar low continues. Use your intuition to your advantage over specific jobs. Trust feelings.

You have the scope to make today very interesting but you may have to deal with a few setbacks. You can enjoy yourself but you may also have to do some work too. Sorry.

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