Daily Horoscope November 25th 2018

If you stay around your home zone today you won’t be able to avoid minor challenges. Boredom is a major issue this week, so work to get some variety into your life.

Social encounters look good and inspire you to try new possibilities. Make the most of meeting new people who may be able to offer you good advice. Think outside the box.

Is your work life proving to be an area of pressure? Don’t be afraid to let your hair down when you can escape responsibilities. You need to release the tension.

It'll take longer than you think to get where you want today in a travel sense, so set off early. Don’t be too quick to make decisions at work. You may regret them.

The green light is on for you to move ahead with projects, and if you need help and you’ve got what it takes to speak up and ask for it. Not everyone has your best interests at heart, though.

Personal hopes and dreams can be addressed today. Assist the process by seeking out information from a variety of sources. Help a friend with a thorny problem.

You'll manage to get your ideas across to others and make a positive impression on the world at large today. It seems you've suddenly heard the starters gun and you're off.

Getting practical matters into working order should be a piece of cake today and will ultimately leave you more time for yourself. Take a few hours out. You deserve it.

Your influence is not what it could be today, so keeping yourself to yourself is no bad thing. Although its unusual for you it’s not unheard of .A stay at home day.

You've got what it takes to make positive progress today, especially over career matters. You'll devote a lot of time to work today but keep time for yourself tonight too.

There may be hurdles and obstacles at work but you'll move ahead socially and romantically. Be considerate to family and friends even if you can’t help as much as you want to.

Get out and about today even if it’s not what you'd originally planned. Let work take a back seat in favour of having fun. Mix with people who make you feel good.

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