Daily Horoscope November 26th 2018

Intimate matters well starred today so don’t be surprised if there's love in the air and friendship bonding too. Put your hard edge to one side and show your soft side.

You feel you're less in control of your own life than you've felt in ages, but as long as you're willing to co-operate with others, it won't become an issue.

Cosmic trend washing over you benefits all kinds of relationships. Going it alone is not to be recommended, as you get on better if you rely on those round you.

Feel the necessities of life are hampering your freedom? Counter this by making sure you know what you want and have a good idea how to get it. Keep boredom at bay.

Your powers of attraction are hot and there’s no better day for getting on with others than today. Don’t be afraid to act on romantic fantasies and don’t be too quick to judge.

The positive effects of the lunar high are obvious today. Things have been up and down of late but they settle down today leaving you keen to get ahead. Get stuck in.

You’re less socially inclined today because the moon is in your 12th house encouraging you to keep a low profile and keep your own company. It’s not sulking it’s thinking.

It’s a great day to make sure you stay in the thick of things so blow away the cobwebs and jump in at the deep end. You'll attract attention tonight, but in a good way.

Love, life and romantic issues offer a range of rewards and let you enjoy a positive period in your life. Your popularity is well starred. People love your company.

Clear communication is necessary if you want to enjoy a successful life, so make sure others know what you’re saying and why. You may even get some compliments now.

Your charming playful side is much in evidence today, but don’t get so distracted by fun and games that you forget your practical side. Make positive changes at home tonight.

It may not be the most progressive day as the lunar low makes things a bit sluggish, so it may be best to postpone important projects for now. You’re not in the mood.

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