Daily Horoscope November 27th 2018

If you get the chance for a change of scene today grab it with both hands. Even getting an hour or two in a different setting could refresh you, so enjoy.

It’s natural to worry about how you’re perceived in the minds of others, however if you’re not looking at things logically and letting emotions sway you, it'll be hard.

There's harmony over relationships, and even if you decide to slow things down, sensible progress is still possible. You get loads of chances to make an impression.

If specific matters are now at a decisive stage it’s vital you don’t lose your hold over certain elements of your life. A relaxed attitude would work much better.

The sun has entered your fifth house and brings a time where you can afford to let your light shine. You'll achieve the balance between confidence and arrogance wonderfully.

Make the most of this sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm you’re getting. You'll whizz through jobs with gusto, and tying up loose ends is a piece of cake. Take a trip.

If you've decided to retreat to a quiet place to think things through more deeply, you couldn’t have picked a better day. Ask others to stand in for you now.

Seek out the new and unusual and it could lead you down a different but exciting path. You’re fascinated by the unusual so follow your instincts. Don’t speculate financially.

You’re entering a stable progressive phase at work but your home life may be a little shaky. Your creative potential is enhanced but don’t get carried away.

You can take advantage of a little ego boost socially today when you attract nice compliments from others. Don’t allow this turn of events to turn your head.

Planetary trends suggest you need change and diversity, but it may not be easy to find these in the middle of the week. You have the power to make things work.

You can’t expect everything to go ahead strictly as planned today as the lunar low is stopping you at every twist and turn. Try to think positively as you move ahead.

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