Daily Horoscope November 28th 2018

Expect to face some limitations today. This is mainly due to the lunar low, and there's nothing you can do about it so just grin and bear it. Enjoy some low-key fun tonight.

It’s not a day you can afford to take anything for granted so check and double-check all details especially over travel. Movement is potentially rewarding for you tonight.

Success today is all about finding a clearer path towards a few of your dreams, as has been for a while. Just remember dreams are dreams and reality is reality.

Not everyone has your level of enthusiasm today but it won’t surprise you. To get people going is like pushing water up a hill, so don’t try and you'll avoid problems

If a mini crisis arises at home to sort it out asap. The social aspects of life give you the most enjoyment and there’s much to be said for putting work to one side tonight.

Today brings the opportunity to liven up your domestic atmosphere with the aid of positive communications and possible visits from family and friends. Be ready for anything tonight.

Now that you've got your foot on the accelerator, you'll begin to move forward in a progressive way. The lunar high brings better luck so utilise good ideas.

There are gains to be made financially today especially if you keep your eye on the ball and hunt out special bargains. Avoid excess speculation. Just keep it real.

The sun in your first house is beginning to show its influence at last, and after a sluggish period you’re getting back on track and back on form. The run up to Christmas is fun.

It’s great to throw negative thinking into the bin and get on with living your life as positively as you can. You may need to rethink your own rules and regulations now though.

Challenges and confrontations are a distinct possibility if you’re not prepared to sit back and accept situations. You want to defend yourself before you’re attacked. But why?

Rather than spend too much time thinking about what you want for yourself try to address the wants and needs of others. This is the truly unselfish quality of Pisces.

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