Daily Horoscope November 29th 2018

Don’t be afraid to look more deeply at the personal changes going on in your life today. Ask yourself if you’re being forced down some paths you don’t want to follow.

Be prepared to make your love life the high point today. Single? You'll attract suitors like moths to a flame. Settled? Your bonds grow deeper. You find contentment.

There’s a lot to be said for staying at home today. Your creative potential is good so maybe you’re thinking about starting Christmas decorations or finalising Christmas lists.

Peace and quiet at home is where your focus should be right now. Changing things is not at the top of your agenda as the moon encourages contemplation not change.

Making concessions with others is easier than usual and co-operative ventures turn out to be lucrative and interesting. Stretch your imagination to impress younger folk.

Today has the potential to be hectic socially so it pays to keep in touch with everything going on in your local vicinity. Financial gains look possible. Stay calm tonight.

You get the chance to be the centre of attention today, so line up everything in your mind that you want people to do for you. Make use of your popularity. They don’t mind.

Friendships and family interactions are highlighted in a good way today, so maybe it’s time to make firm plans for Christmas. Be willing to look in a new direction.

You’ve got what it takes to open up new avenues of communication during this interesting interlude. Keep running towards the finish line. You’re doing great.

If compromises don’t come easily you have to try harder to deal with behaviour and attitudes you don’t understand. Recognise that progress is available in the future.

Pay attention to specific arrangements today and check for possible hitches, glitches or hold ups. A flexible approach works best, so be ready to reorganise.

Your go ahead frame of mind is still to the fore but you’re showing it in a different way. You can cheer up even the grumpiest of people with your sense of humour.

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