Daily Horoscope November 2nd 2018

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See today as a temporary respite from your duties. You get the chance to broach new ideas, so talk about them until the cows come home. It'll make sense tomorrow.

Today brings positive social relations and encourages you to be more upfront than you were yesterday. Don’t be afraid to have fun. Be willing to impress others in work and play.

Get specific issues into good working order as once you think clearly your intuition allows you to look to the future with more certainty. Talking won't be hard.

Domestic possibilities are better than ever this weekend, and even if you’re not a stay at home type you'll be comfortable in your own surroundings. Help family members.

It's said each and every one of us learns something new every day, and it's certainly the case for you today, especially over love and relationships. Focus on the job at hand.

There's lot of nostalgic feelings in the air today. It’s fine to look to the past but don’t use it as a yardstick for what’s happening now. Change with the times.

The lunar high encourages you to redress few balances and promote a more centred attitude so interactions with others should be less strained. Take a chance with finance.

Are you tempted to spend your cash on expensive items you don’t need? Look carefully before parting with cash and ask yourself if you really need this. If you do, then fine!

There’s much to be said for putting yourself in the market for a good time, so show your attractive side and make a good impression. Flirting brings unexpected results.

Getting what you want professionally or personally won’t prove to hard today. You have strong willpower and determination, so decide what you want, then go get it.

Positive professional trends make themselves felt so focus on work more than play. Be sure co-workers, family and friends know what you’re saying. Labour the point.

You’ve got what it takes to make social affairs a breeze. You’re getting on with the crowd and the spotlight is on you, so put shyness to one side. Do things properly.

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