Daily Horoscope November 30th 2018

There are signs you can make specific important changes in your life now, especially over the more personal aspects of your life. There are changes in relationships.

You’re willing to put yourself out there and seek attention both personally and generally. Popularity is everything to you now so don’t hold back the love you have to offer now.

Be liberal in your expectations of fun today and it will come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t pre-empt situations and you'll get joy and humour from what happening around you.

You now have scope to achieve your objectives out there in the practical world. Not everyone will share your point of view of course, but it won’t hold you back.

Whatever helps you enjoy life the most is what you should be looking for this weekend, so go for it. Today is stable yet inspirational, so don’t settle for second best.

Try to find some interest in the everyday routines of life and take notice of situations that have previously passed you by. You could learn a lot from this, you know.

Make sure everyone sees how talkative, friendly and inquisitive you are at the moment. Your level of good luck is high and helps you move a step nearer your goals. Good.

There’s much to be said for easing off the pace of life, though it might not please you if there's a lot going on around you. Organisation is the key at work.

Power struggles are possible today so if you’re not a weekend worker, this could occur at home. If you don’t know all the facts don’t try to take the lead.

Another socially favourable day where you can enhance your financial wherewithal simply by doing and saying right thing. Don’t get stuck on specifics tonight.

You’re reluctant to accept social invitation and that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the weekend. Don’t let it stop you from mixing with new people. Go for a change.

Broaden your horizons and avoid being restricted in your thinking. You have the potential for great creative ideas and that stands you in good stead both at work and at home.

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