Daily Horoscope November 4th 2018

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Got the travel bug? There's no lack of opportunity to exploit it today, and whether the emphasis is on work or pleasure, it seems you'll be moving around soon.

If you manage to find a spare minute for yourself, pamper yourself today. You’ve put a lot of effort into everything recently and deserve to have a rest. Let others do more.

Look out for any chance to make small but significant monetary increases and good fortune will stay with you, extending the time it feels the world is your oyster.

Professionally, you could hardly wish for a better day. Things seem to fall into place naturally, giving you the opportunity to attract attention from superiors.

You’re encouraged to create some real enjoyment in and around your home today and this trend will last to just before the end of the month. Your intimate life heats up so you’re happy.

Career matters are going well, but you need to ask yourself if you should be doing more to get ahead of the game. If people are not pulling their weight tell them.

Don’t hang back when it comes to discussing good ideas today, especially if they bring new possibilities to a situation. Try to find people who can lend a hand.

You may feel that because it’s Monday you should be geared towards professional matters, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun or making a good impression.

Relationships in general seem to be on a bit of a downer so you'll have to work hard to get them back on par. Just watch what you say and how you say it. Use tact.

Personal relationships are on the skids, but you need to get your joy somewhere. The support of friends always warms you but don’t take them for granted today.

Progressive trends continue, giving you scope to have more influence and a greater degree of control over circumstances of your own life. Chase your ambitions.

Use your coercive charm and ability to get to the heart of a personal matter today and you'll reach a solution more quickly. It’s natural for your confidence to flag but keep it going.

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