Daily Horoscope November 5th 2018

The forces of change are upon you and you can use them in many ways today. They help you look at situations in a different way and enhance your ability to learn new skills.

Today brings a more cautious approach to things, particularly noticeable in the financial field. Do you feel someone doesn't have your best interest at heart?

The lunar low offers potential for relaxation and laziness. You’re almost always on the go so this would be great for you. Everyone needs a break and you’re no exception. Enjoy.

Stay in a light, optimistic frame of mind to encourage and amuse those you’re with today. Just don’t be tempted to drop any bombshells.  Keeping it simple is the key.

There are many ups and downs to deal with today, but luckily your ability to get to the heart of the matter is enhanced. See life as a positive experience and it'll manifest as such.

Challenges and confrontations in your personal relationships have the power to shake your equilibrium. This will only become an issue if you let yourself be drawn, though.

There's nothing to be gained from making life difficult for others, especially your partner. Spend time on your own to gather your thoughts and perspective. Work to be positive.

Try to be patient today even if people are irritating you to the extreme. Don’t lose your temper. Show others how tolerant you can be. Avoid boring routines tonight.

The lunar high helps you get your own way in some things today. Personal goals are within your grasp so it won’t be long before you can ease off the pressure.

Communicating with people in the know can be lucrative but you'll still need to struggle on against the odds in some way. Take advice from a professional.

It’s a great day for social get-togethers of any description. Mix business with pleasure and you'll help yourself no end. You'll even gain in ways that surprise you.

You’re in a position to get what you want but don’t rush. Slow and steady wins the race. You’re not short of company tonight, just the way you like it. Let your hair down.

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