Daily Horoscope November 6th 2018

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Try to avoid being a know-it-all today and avoid the same sort of attitude in others. There is much to be said for being an honest broker in disputes, so be sensible.

Try to keep on the move today and no one will be able to pin you down. You want to throw off shackles and restrictions so think about doing what YOU want to do. It's time.

Do your best to get things done on a practical level, but don’t be surprised if your speed is dead slow or even stopped. Try to cut through red tape and get to the heart of the matter.

Make sure today’s setbacks at work relate to the actions of others and not inadequacies on your part. You'll be the one who has to pick up the pieces, right enough.

Be aware of the motives of others today, especially with those you feel have a vested interest in pulling the wool over your eyes. Don’t be put off by others.

Your domestic zone is busy and will last until around 20th. Bear in mind if there's a great deal to do in this sphere you may neglect work based matters. Be careful!

Try to find new answers to old problems since your ability to think things through is working at its peak today. Work on your likeability and popularity. Important.

Already got your Christmas head on? I bet you have! Caution and patience are your best allies but not in the case of issues that have to be sorted right now. Focus.

Time to heat things up in the bedroom and the boardroom. Be your dynamic self and be willing to have a go at things you'd previously avoided, and you'll move mountains

It’s time to be yourself and let the world know you have views, values and opinions. You have scope to gain a good deal of respect if you’re open and honest with others. Do so.

Being on the move is rewarding today so don’t be tempted to stand still or let the grass grow under your feet. You’re amazed how much work you’re getting through.

Your ego is to the fore today and that should help assist you to convince others that your opinions and instructions are sound. Not having to argue your point is a godsend.

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