Daily Horoscope November 7th 2018

A great day to find new opportunities. As far as friendship is concerned you can afford to bring new people into your circle, as they'll show you new way to look at life.

If your domestic life threatens to get in the way of your personal freedom you need to work to find a solution. Find a balance and don’t be browbeaten or railroaded.

If you make mistakes today it’s probably because you’ve taken on more than you should, and are finding it hard to keep up. Let others take some of the load if they offer.

Instant success is hard to achieve during this lunar low, but it won’t matter to you too much as a few quiet hours wont go amiss. Settle down with a good book.

A great day for all kinds of communication. Getting the message across to others is the name of the game, and you won’t miss a minute when it comes to telling it as it is.

You'll get lost in feelings of nostalgia today but it’s vital you don’t dwell too long on things that have been and gone. Use your past to explain your present to someone.

The sun in your second house is a good influence for building on fresh starts that are already under way, or plans you choose to put into action. Try and get on with others.

You get the chance to pick up some important pieces of information today, so pay attention, even to casual remarks. Get ready to make a silk purse from sow’s ear

Now begins a period where your love life is well accented. Venus is in a great position for personal relationships, so use it to get into your partner’s good books.

You seem to be going in the right direction generally speaking, but there's still a long road ahead. Do what you can to make amends if it'll help. It will.

It’s not the best day to pursue personal gain though you may be able to make progress in other areas. Focus your efforts more on love. Ask friends for support.

Social life and pursuits of pleasure allow you to make life both busy and interesting, but be careful you’re not burning the candle at both ends. Always a possibility.

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