Daily Horoscope November 9th 2018

You still have emotional issues to contend with but don’t let it prey on your mind. A happy go lucky approach works best and lets you enjoy what today has to offer.

Partnerships offer a comfortable aspect to life this weekend and personal attachments and unions come to the fore. You may want to slow things down but others don’t.

Your ability to impress others is well noted, so if you manage to gain advantage for career matters via your natural personality, what's wrong with that?

Today is ideal for getting practical tasks finished. Relationships are cultivated and growing fast so it’s unlikely you won’t see eye to eye with others. Be charming.

You feel the need to indulge yourself today. Maybe it’s lunar low. Don’t let it drag you down. Don’t swim against the tide. Wait for better opportunities to come along.

Mentally you’re quicker than ever but a particular individual may still fool you. Make sure you’re on the ball. Focus. Ring in the changes this weekend. It’s time.

Not enough time to do everything you wanted to do? Even if today’s busy, you can spare enough time to do someone a good turn. Younger people get you thinking tonight.

Forward planning is not only possible but also enjoyable. It’s not a crackerjack of a day but it offers good prospects for finances. It’s not to say you can overspend.

Keep your eyes and ears open today as even gossip can help you reach new and important realisations. If you’re young free and single don’t be afraid to play the field tonight.

Focusing on small details is what gives you what you need to get ahead. Just don’t rush it. Go forward carefully, one step at a time. Get things right first time.

Whatever is important in your personal agenda is what you should be chasing. Go at problems with all guns blazing and don’t be distracted. People notice, you now.

There’s good news available today perhaps associated with career developments. It’s natural to feel excited about these positive scenarios but it’s best to wait and see.

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