Gemini January 2019

Gemini Horoscope January 2019

Gemini Horoscope 2019: January

Focus is very much on your career and personal goals as you launch your 2019 life campaign. Your key relationships and those people who can support you or be an ally in your aims this year are assessed. This is not a year when you have time for people who are not central to your main focus, and you may drift from friends who are not connected to your work or family in a close, constructive, and supportive way.

One to one relationships will test you and make demands of you, and that is why you are going to have to distance yourself from those who place demands greater than what they can contribute to you.

The real world can be rather disappointing to you, and you will approach this in two ways: by planning your life to include more variety and spontaneity, and by increasing your engagement in escapism, i.e., books, films, and artistic hobbies.

It is important to stick to your set goals and plans, as this month tempting distractions will be there promising and offering much, and you may get hooked. Do not be distracted by what others are doing, and do not fall prey to a clever sales pitch – if anything sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Many people may offer you more than they can deliver, and so unless someone has a proven track record and comes highly recommended, remain sceptical.

Gemini in Love January 2019

Marriages need quality time this month. You need to look at where you are and acknowledge how each can change to help day to day matters run smoother. Since you are beginning a very busy year, why not spend time on thinking about how the relationship can adapt to your lifestyle which is changing all the time.

Ironing out the relationship with your partner or love interest can help you to get to know yourself better; you are entering a phase of development where relationships need to grow and adapt, and that is why they cannot be neglected. All love relationships are gardens that must be cared for and tendered to – ignoring relationship issues now can lead to schisms. How you handle conformation is key to the successful outcome in your relationships – you need to keep your aggression in check and watch your words as one word spoken in haste can be hard to take back.

Remember in relationships to follow through on promises, no matter how small or insignificant they are, as small broken promises may send a big signal to your partner that can be damaging.

Gemini Career January 2019

Co-workers can be a burden; they may look to you for guidance and help, and while you can be supportive, you cannot be expected to hold their hand – you have to resist dependence on you and encourage them to take responsibility themselves.

You are in a very idealistic mood, and this can make you jump at any opportunity without thinking it through. You are not critical enough right now, you filter out information which does not suit you and follow your heart; when it goes wrong, you blame everyone and everything else. Taking more personal responsibility is important right now as you are inclined to pass the buck or make excuses.

Hidden things can come to light within your career – information which surprises you, a colleague who quits or a client with an unusual request can throw you, and you may have to make some unexpected adjustments, many of which are not ideal.

You may well play your cards close to your chest, concealing your true competitiveness and motivations.

While you are highly conscientious and hardworking this month, you can sometimes count chickens before they hatch – there is the desire to snatch at things before the time is right.

Purchase or leasing of property overseas can be a headache during this month, and there may be unforeseen problems and expenses.

Extreme weather conditions can disrupt your business expansion and will cause you extra effort to resolve regarding logistics.

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