Taurus January 2019

Taurus Horoscope January 2019

Taurus Horoscope 2019: January

This month is one when your imagination is on fire, and the creative juices are flowing. Energy is behind your creative process, and you can productively transfer ideas and imagery into concrete form. Music production, placing lyrics to music and also arranging music is something you can be very effective with.

There is a great appreciation of the more subtle concepts in art and music, and you are inspired and moved emotionally by art forms. You may visit art galleries or go on excursions with others where you visit cultural places of interest and write about or discuss this. January is also a good time to collaborate with others or support others with the same creative interests.

Friendships that form now may not last, but that does not mean they cannot fulfil a need in you at this moment. You may work with new people on a one-off basis. Having regard to the last sentence, you should not be unduly influenced by the associations you develop this month, and that also extends to limiting your financial involvement with these people – they may be full of wonderful ideas, which are likely to come to nothing. Enjoy this month, it should be enjoyed, but its long-term relevance should not be over-estimated.

This is a month filled with distractions, and you may not make much concrete progress regarding goals – you will, however, gain valuable insights and encouraging support for your ideas. This month is ideal for brainstorming, visualising goals and outcomes and thinking up a range of creative approaches – there are many ways to skin a cat.

Taurus in Love January 2019

Friendships may turn into love and then back again, and so as long as you are not investing too much in the relationship, this can provide an interesting interlude.

Communication is vital in relationships and marriage this month, and it is a time when you can get things off your chest in a very productive way. In fact, you should use this opportunity to discuss matters to do with the long-term direction of your relationship; if you do not take the chance now, certain things may fester and lead to mounting irritation.

Taureans are feeling the need for a relationship audit – it is not enough to plug on with no direction, you feel the need to establish some new goals, i.e., looking for a new home, new schools for the kids, perhaps thinking about life insurance, extending the home, a holiday home, etc. – you need things to work towards, something that brings you together and keeps the spirit of adventure and joint enterprise in the relationship. You and your husband may design a new home together, plan an exciting holiday or begin a new activity together that transforms your life. It is all about keeping things from falling into a rut and doing activities which add a new element to your life and which you can bring complementary skills to.

Taurus Career January 2019

This month is both disruptive and dynamic in work. You may feel that you have been thrown into the deep end and have to make decisions based on very little information. It can be an exciting time at work as events are fastpaced, and there is much novelty and innovation regarding new systems, new training, new staff and new premises, and while things may be up in the air, it is more interesting.

January is excellent for those who work in fast-paced industries, i.e., technology, media, advertising, politics or banking – any work where events in the outside world can inject new information which speeds things and forces you to change course.

If you are looking for a new job, this month is ideal in terms of there being many prospects, although it can be very confusing regarding making a clear choice between options, and so if you do take on a new position, you may be a little in the dark as to what your job description is – you may have quite a bit of autonomy in the new role and be able to make it your own.

Opportunities can arise at work quite unexpectedly, and you will be up for the challenges.

Changes in working conditions, especially for those in the civil service are possible. Even if you are freelance, you may get more government contracts, especially if you work in catering.

There is great inspiration and vision in resolving problems, especially to do with the implementation of scientific ideas.

January is a very successful time to promote humanitarian goals or to put pressure on lawmakers to acknowledge issues and put procedures into place to aid victims of crime, abuse or political turmoil.

Those who are studying or teaching subjects to do with anthropology, political science or social studies can find great inspiration and relevant material.

Those who work in unions for worker’s rights or to improve working conditions either at home or in the 3rd world can be very successful. Health and safety changes at work can be the cause of some disruption.

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