Aquarius January 2019

Aquarius Monthly January 2019

Aquarius Horoscope 2019: January

This month is all about cooperation and integration – you will need to coordinate goals with others and win support to get the most out of your efforts. This is not a month where you can say, “To hell with it, I am going it alone!” You will have to find some way to reconcile your position with that of the mainstream or the group so that you are not battling against the tide. There is more to be gained from cooperating than not, even if it does not feel that way.

Grandparents play an important role in your life – in many cases, they can offer affection or even a necessary and timely intervention and buffer between you and your parents.

If one of your hobbies is collecting art or trading in fine art, you can have a very exciting month where you find both bargains and things you have sought after for a long time. Having adequate insurance for all property is vital, and you should make sure that you are covered for your more unusual possessions and assets.

You need to look at your most importantly held ambitions and ask yourself why you have not achieved them. You now have a two-year period where you can indeed attain these goals as long as you set pride aside and analyse and accept the changes you need to make to be successful in these areas.

Aquarians should be careful of their health as laryngitis, strep throats, etc. could be a problem – if you use your voice for work, i.e., talking, singing, etc., make sure you take care not to get run down as if you pick up an illness it will most likely affect your throat and vocal chords and thus your work. You need to set money aside as important items may have to be replaced or repaired this month.

In general it is a light-hearted month which will be filled with thoughts of exciting plans and an I CAN DO IT attitude which will set the tone for 2019. This month is ideal for decorating your own home or indeed to focus on any work where you need a strong aesthetic appreciation and eye for colour and coordination.

Aquarius in Love January 2019

This is a very agreeable time in relationships both new and old. You are giving off a positive and friendly vibe.

It is a very good month to talk about matters of the heart and to smooth over hurt feelings, clearing up misunderstandings. It is a great month to work on relationships – increasing understanding and cooperation – and it should be easy, not a chore at all. Let your hair down and go out together and have a carefree evening and a good laugh.

You may meet new potential partners this month; in fact, you may meet a few; it could, however, be a couple of months down the line before you understand how deep the feelings run.

The only problem in relationships is that your partner may complain about your risk taking – they may not want to support your more outlandish plans or activities, but they only have your best interests at heart and are not being Debbie Downers.

If there is someone you have had your eye on, someone who you know quite well, this is the month to get up the courage to suggest you start dating and see how it goes.

Aquarius Career January 2019

This is a profitable and busy time for those who work in import-export; whatever you do, you need to spend some time looking at ways to sell your goods and services to a wider and more diverse group. Look beyond your immediate clientele for new customers.

January is an exciting time for those of you who work with fine art or as curators of galleries or in museums. Aquarians are very interested in history and archaeology, and opportunities can arise to work in a position where you teach, study, or work in these fields.

This month will see early bookings for those of you who work as florists or who provide services and products specifically aimed at weddings. You may attend a weddings fair.

Co-workers can seem like a burden this month, and you can be reluctant to have your own pace held up by them; they may also saddle you with some of their work as you are more confident and capable. Try and come to terms with this rather than avoiding these people as the time will come where they can assist you or at least have your back.

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