Capricorn in February 2019

Capricorn Horoscope February 2019

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Feb.'19

Emotional life is vibrant right now, and your perceptions are heightened; you can see to the core of a matter and have a wonderful grasp of the true meaning behind events and words. It is not about your factual and logical analysis, but rather your gut reaction will pull you towards one of the options like a magnet.

You will attract powerful people, and that can exert a helpful influence on the way you see the world or conduct your business. Your moods and feelings will be more intense right now, and you will develop strong opinions on things. Sometimes, you will get into heated debates this month, but these can be very stimulating –it can feel a little unlike you, but it is also liberating.

You are likely to get very emotionally involved in issues that may not be your battle but will feel quite close to your heart.

You are more aware of who you are at a deeper level and what matters to you, and this will help you draw people and events towards you which can help achieve things that are fulfilling.

Play the percentage game and respect your limitations while acting with confidence – that is the key to sustained success this month.

Capricorn in Love February 2019

Thoughtfulness matters to you, and if you feel your loved one has been rather non-committal or passive about Valentine’s Day, this can distress or annoy you. This is a February when you are expecting some passion and some effort, and if it is not forthcoming, there will be consequences. Acts or omissions cast long shadows this month, and so Capricorns may forgive but will not forget – they are taking the subtle signs and reading more into these to make conclusions that will temper your future reactions.

Your energy is high this month, and you are also ego driven, which is why you are not very compromising. You will be the driving force in your relationships where you initiate events, activities, and sexual advances, and you will demand a strong reciprocity. You can, however, be too quick to take offence, and you do need to think before you react – you need to be a little more cognisant of all the factors at play, not just how things affect you. On a positive note, you will not let opportunities to reform your love and sex life go begging; you will also not stand still and allow laziness and complacency to stunt the growth of the relationship.

The aim for Capricorn this month is to bring greater passion, emotional connectivity, and feeling into the relationship, and in that vein, you will be happy to discuss difficult issues and also deal with sensitive sexual matters.

New relationships can be quite complicated with misunderstanding especially when it comes to boundaries – everyone has their ‘buttons,’ and those ‘buttons’ can take a while to identify and comprehend; in that way, this month can be a baptism of fire for the new partners of Capricorns. It can also be a very intense time where you learn about each other quickly especially via pillow talk – sex can be a gateway to establishing an emotional connection.

Capricorn Career Life Feb.'19

This is a lucky month regarding career; however, misguided or ill-conceived actions can cause conflict and needless opposition.

Making assumptions about others without consultation can lead to a spanner in the works when things do not go as you assumed. It is very important to have your finger on the pulse; you can feel that things are going in a certain direction, but are they? It is important to cast the net very wide when gathering information and testing public opinion.

Market research can be misleading, and so you should find ways of testing the water with minimal expense; do not fully commit to some advertising or promotional campaign until you have seen real results and not just projections. Estimations and models which create projections can fail, which is why only real life results are good indications – get data from other industries or countries to check out the results others have had.

Reviews, endorsements, and recommendations are very valuable, and you should seek these for your business or you personally. Getting the best referees for your CV may be more vital than anything else on that CV/resume.

This is a time of culmination; you can feel something is about to happen – something which will bring success and achievement but which still requires more work than you had anticipated. This can be a last minute dash to dot I’s, cross T’s to make sure things come to fruition as you anticipated.

You can resent anything that limits your freedom or scope of action, and yet you have to respect structures and limitations, and if someone offers a word of warning, listen! This is a time to pump the brakes rather than accelerate – you are in the mood to accelerate for sure, but hold back, the time is not ripe.

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