Daily Horoscope December 20th 2018

Give and take are important factors so don't lose sight of that. You'll be a bit devious in getting your own way, but others will know you’re still committed to them.

Mental refreshment can work wonders today. Ring the changes by mixing with new people. It dawns on you Christmas is close and time is of the essence to tie up loose ends.

You’re on top form at work today, and that in turn will allow you to have some unexpected success. If the Christmas social whirl has started, remember to get enough rest.

Getting your own way is within your grasp, so shine like a star on centre stage and make sure you’re all smiles. Show others you’re a joy to have around and you'll get attention.

Coming to terms with personal problems is much easier today, so take a practical view of issues and see through to the heart of the matter. Take appropriate action.

There's a positive influence on your inner self and personal life, but the results of this brings a seesaw quality to your nature and you don’t like it. Respond as best you can.

You have the chance to gain great fulfilment today via your family. Getting on positively in career is a different matter, but address problems as they arise.

Seek out change and diversity today. The end of the year isn’t far away, and it can be a time typified by negativity, and that would be a shame. Try to stay positive for you.

The impact of your personality is strong and empowering, enabling you to make sure your presence is felt. Christmas day's in your sights so cast an eye over preparations.

Being out of doors has a lot to offer you today, albeit it's not exactly sunbathing weather. You come from a winter zodiac, so it won’t bother you too much.

You can afford to follow your instincts today, as you know they won’t let you down. Not everyone you meet is equally reliable so separate the wheat from the chaff.

You’re determined to stay on the move today, so beware of allowing distractions to get in the way of real financial progress. Separate fantasy from reality tonight.

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