Daily Horoscope December 21st 2018

It'll suddenly dawn on you that this is the last weekend before Christmas. Don’t panic or try to cram too much in, but at same time get last minute plans firmed up.

Getting along with others isn't hard this weekend as long as you all work together and pull together by compromising! Put the finishing touches to Christmas plans.

You won’t find it hard to enjoy your personal freedom. Capitalise on new initiatives and make the most of available opportunities. Go out on a limb and do something new.

The sun now enters your solar 7th house and gives you the chance to think about life in terms of twosomes. Already partnered? How can you improve it? Talk love tonight.

The lunar high emphasises your ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey, and that's good, as you can get on with just about anyone today. You're genuinely likeable.

The sun moves into your solar 5th house and brings favourable romantic and personal trends just ahead of Christmas. Actions you took earlier in the year now bring dividends.

Your fun loving nature is stimulated by planetary trends and gives you the chance to show the joker inside you at every turn. If you have things to say, they'll listen.

There's entertaining experiences available this weekend, so don’t be afraid to step into the limelight yourself. You’re ahead with work so take time for fun tonight.

The strength of your personality is heightened today but there's a risk you could overpower others without realising it. Don’t be too quick to judge actions.

Your main aim today is keeping on top of organisational issues. Ensure situations don’t become confused and that you’re keeping up with expectations others have.

The lunar low arrives and depletes your energy so use what you’ve got wisely. Don’t take on jobs that you have little chance of completing in a reasonable time.

Your overriding desire today is to find a degree of personal freedom that’s been lacking for a few weeks now. Look for a different kind of identity for yourself.

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