Daily Horoscope December 22nd 2018

Do your best to deal with a host of minor pressures coming at you from all directions. Your overactive nervous system won’t help so focus, and try to be calm and collected.

It's hard to achieve harmony in your relationships today, especially if there are frustrations you find hard to address. When others talk, really, really listen.

Your powers of attraction are strong and you’ve got what it takes to charm a host of people. As a result it’s great to get out and about, and get what you want. Finalise plans.

It’s important you show a generous spirit today, no matter what you’re doing, be it at work or play. This helps you increase your general popularity and make new friends.

Happily on the go today, you'll be able to find excitement in any sort of travel. You’re less inclined to stay in one spot, and you'll decide to brave the crowds at the shops.

There's an air of restlessness today, although it's not clear exactly why this state of affairs has arisen. Treat others properly and you'll have a head start.

Take advantage of an influx of bright new ideas and try to ensure you have a positive audience. Your usual way of relaxing may not fit the bill, so look for new ways tonight.

Bright ideas are the name of the game, but what's lacking is the energy to put them into motion, as you seem to run out of steam easily. Are you doing too much?

Concentrate on goals and avoid any trivia that could distract you. You’re not short of common sense but be aware there are people who are determined to trip you up.

The spirit of teamwork is well marked today, and your ability to get on well with the world at large is noticeable. You seem suddenly fascinated by how things work.

A rest period is the order of the day and today brings the chance to get one. Be willing to persuade others to help you take the strain. Friends show they care.

You’ve got what it takes to keep up a fast pace of events professionally or practically. There's vital information out there for the taking. Pick it up. Focus.

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